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"The difference between success and failure is what you are thinking."

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poison-venom asked: uhhh i want your body how do you do it? (inbox me)

Exercise and healthy food, rather than a quick fix it takes time

Anonymous asked: I would fuck you in every oraphus of the body.

That’s great news

Anonymous asked: Y U SO PERFECT

I’m not! Haha

Anonymous asked: For the record. I only followed that slag to see what she was saying. You're fucking hot.

Why thank you

Anonymous asked: What do you do to keep your body so perfect ? And what size are those gorgeous boobs ? X

38 FF, I run up and down the stairs

Anonymous asked: you look beautiful, such amazing blue eyes and red lips! GORGEOUS

thanks so much :)

trip-com asked: youre too gorgeous

thanks :)

Anonymous asked: Do you have any raisins? :/ How about a date??

I don’t have either im afraid :/

trip-com asked: You're beautiful follow me on twitter? Cx

What’s your username? :) thank you x

"To wish you were someone else is to waste the person you are."